The Bogcoin Roadmap

The mission is simple, to build a community of crypto, sci-fi, science, philosophy, history and "conspiracy" fans that will develop into a beautiful community. The coin is a basic fork of Bitcoin core, the goal is to use Bogcoin as a tool to spread a bigger message, that community, critical thinking, open source technology and cryptography are great assets to the further development of humanity. Thus, the 1% premine of Bogcoins is done to prove a point from the two 1% elitists that created this coin....Just kidding we're poor as fuck, send donations please :(.

The point is that the 99% are in control and always have been, you have much more power than you give yourself credit for, everything good and bad is created by you, you have no one to blame but yourself! I'm sorry this is a hard fact....Study Carl Jung and the collective unconscious, you might be surprised how connected humanity actually is 🙂 ..... look in the mirror.... are you truly the person you want to be? How about your mother, would she be proud of you in the way you conduct yourself and various situations? O really? You are the light or the dark, which you chose is up to you. Regardless of wealth or influence the internet gives you access to more knowledge than any human has had access to in our known history.

Stop wasting time! Learn, Create, Innovate! Let's do it together?

Short Term Roadmap

  • Build core community of miners and developers
  • Launch Bogcoin wallets for Windows and Linux
  • Public Launch: 1% Premine and about 25 Blocks mined on public launch date(June 19 2017) The goal is to let the miners do the work initially, this is for the community.
  • Get a block explorer online
  • More nodes on network
  • Let miners run for at least one month before trying to list on any exchange, community input will determine if longer.
  • Mining pool
  • To be continued....